Finding The Best Whiteboard Skills Training

Whiteboard skills are the darling of today’s top sellers. If you’re looking to boost your skills in selling with whiteboards, it pays to know what to avoid…and what to look for. Find out here.

Training in whiteboard interaction and selling is more rare than you might think. Here’s why: a lot of people promise skills, tools and tips-if you buy their product. But not too many people teach you practical, hands-on skills to use with any whiteboard, flipchart or interactive whiteboard.

If you are searching for a training solution, here are 3 top pitfalls to avoid.

A. In House Seminars from Sellers

While in-house sellers understand product lines and benefits, they best style skills often are not familiar with adult learning, whiteboard skills, and interactive story selling. Relying on in-house staff is a short-term tactic that often leads to inconsistent skill development.

B. In House Seminars from Leaders

“John in the Chicago office is great a whiteboarding. Let’s have him teach a class on it.” Seems like a great idea, right? Wrong.

John may have natural talent. He may have been sketching, drawing and doodling cartoons since he was 6 years old. But he won’t necessarily understand how to relate to sellers who can’t draw a straight line. He may or may not have the training and background in adult learning, step-by-step instruction, and positive coaching.

Often organizations look inside to cut costs and leverage team strengths. They look to a manager or leader who has natural talent. This person makes a great role model. But keep this in mind: the leader with natural talent may be the worst person to teach a seminar or workshop.

C. Local community training

Community education is great for some topics-but few people are familiar with your business or your customers. Plus, graphic designers are used to having the luxury of designing a message with out a live audience. They don’t understand the nuances and the pressures of whiteboarding while the audience watches.

While prices at a community college or learning annex may be affordable, it is rare to find expert facilitators certified in the critical skills of whiteboard sales.

D. Elite training only

In seeking a competitive edge, some organizations make the decision to only train their elite sellers. This is a dangerous and risky decision. Here’s why.

Customers and prospects are looking to all your sales force. They want and demand consistently high quality and standards. If only elite sellers learn whiteboard skills, what are your customers seeing? A mish-mash of skills. This implies that you only care about C-level customers and elite top performers.

If your customer is connecting the dots…this could also signal that your company only cares about top clients. If they are a tiny company, should they expect 2nd or 3rd rate treatment?

Do any of these options sound familiar? If so…you’ve just been down some roads that are not very productive. But don’t give up. There are other powerful options for learning whiteboarding skills.

Here are a few popular favorites:

1. Local Bootcamps and Seminars

Check your local offerings for whiteboard experts. You may find local seminars in your area. Hint: look for professional experts who are well versed in visual language, selling, and whiteboard impact.

2. Custom whiteboard trainings

Boost your team’s skills with a custom training. This is one of the fastest ways to target specific needs, design custom whiteboard templates and establish a powerful standard for team performance.

3. Self study tools

Solo entrepreneur or running a small company? Don’t be daunted. Get self study tools and set up your own practice space. Working step-by-step, you’ll develop your own style, adapt techniques to your topic and be up and running in record time.

4. One-on-one coaching

Whether you’re selling products, services or solutions…one-on-one coaching is a quick way to go. You’ll get specific feedback, adapt tips to your unique selling needs, and get the full-on attention you deserve.

No matter what you choose…now you know what to avoid, and what to do. With a few smart moves, you’ll escape frustration and have a powerful new skill for selling at the whiteboard.


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