How Quartz Crystals Can Promote Holistic Health

When we talk about holistic health, what we are really talking about is the ‘health of the whole person.’ We would be looking at specifics such as physical health, psychological health, mental health, spiritual health and possibly even social health. Our interest here is in seeing how quartz crystals can promote holistic health in a person.iso insurance

Now in order to get a position where we can appreciate how quartz crystals can help promote holistic health, we would need to establish a number of facts about human health and about the quartz crystals.

Starting with the human health bit, a good point to start would be by taking into consideration the fact that from a physical (rather than biological) point of view, are bodies are made up of energy. They – like all other things in the physical world -are simply bundles of energy. This energy s is always in a state of vibration (like all other energy in the universe). Further on, we would appreciate that what tends to be happening, when we feel that we are healthy on all, or at least some levels, is that the bodily energy tends to be in a state of perfect balance and vibration. When we experience ill-health, there are a number of things that would be happening: our energy is likely to have stopped vibrating at the right frequency and its proper balance is subsequently likely to have gotten lost in the process. This is what is likely to manifest as illness, either from a physical or a psychological point.

Turning to the quartz crystals, we notice a number of interesting things about them. We notice that the crystals, like everything else in the universe are simply bundles of energy. But more interestingly, we notice that the energy that goes into the making of these quartz crystals vibrates at the same frequency as the rate at which our body energy should be vibrating, when we are enjoying perfect health. We further come to realize that these quartz crystals, whenever pointed at various bodies, have the tendency to make the energy that makes up those other bodies vibrate at the same frequency as them. And in the case of the human body, seeing that the energy in the quartz crystals vibrates at the same frequency as that which the body should be vibrating when we are in perfect health, we see that the pointing of the quartz crystals at points where energy vibrations happen to be less than optimal can regulate it back to optimal levels. It is this restoration of proper energy vibration in the body, and the subsequent restoration of energy balance in the body that would heal us (or keep us) from the various physical, psychological and spiritual woes that would otherwise bedevil us; thus ensuring our holistic health.