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Ocean Themed Games

Jets’n’Guns is a substantial bit of ground-shaking, shake impacting activity wearing a full metal coat with designs that will blow your eyes out! Have a good time with activity that is practically crazy. Spare the universe from the dangerous risk of twelve Masters of Destruction in a mission spreading over 21 colossal levels! Remain as one-against-many, outfitted with fifty distinct bits of tasteful combat hardware fitted firmly to the hollowed structure of your spaceship!

KaiJin (by Phelios)/Shooter

“Year 2546 – Planet Terria… You and your ship, the “Kai-jin” are the last trust in the Terrian Kind!”

Year 2546 – Planet Terria. For a really long time, hereditarily changed developed nourishment, and contamination from the sea and condition made a destructive effect on the regular natural pecking order of Planet Terria. The bugs and sea occupants transformed in fiercely abnormal oceanofgames manners and ended up more grounded and increasingly keen.

Freak Storm (by Pom Games)/Psychedelic Shooter storm/

“Freak Storm is incensed retro arcade gaming in a cutting edge designs condition. For gamers who need unadulterated activity!”

Freak Storm advances more than 89 degrees of hallucinogenic 3D fields, that get perpetually swarmed with awful beasties. This jamboree of excited fun is displayed in a forefront designs spectacle. For gamers who need unadulterated activity!

Station Kaloki (by Ninjabee)/Strategy Sim kaloki/

“Test of skill and endurance to spare the princess in Outpost Kaloki, a silly space station head honcho game!”

In a universe far, far away, you are the new pioneer of the Kaloki Space Tradestation. Equalization assets to assemble stations that draw in guests and make new income streams for your pioneers. You will have guests from everywhere throughout the cosmic system requiring everything from nourishment and water to excitement and agribusiness.

Paradoxion (by VSBgames)/Puzzle

“Paradoxion is a genuine diamond for the individuals who like to settle refined rationale astounds!”

Center standards are basic – each level you should clear the leading body everything being equal (like Orbs and Gems) utilizing stock substance. Components should be organized in standard blends to be disposed of, for instance, Orbs should be masterminded in lines. Is most intriguing that when mix impacts – close by components can be moved by the impact. This at last prompts interesting chain responses of components’ impacts!

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