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Homes and playgrounds around the country rely on outdoor basketball systems to offer individuals of all ages a fun and competitive physical outlet. However, while any basketball hoop may be universally appealing, there is actually a wide range of hoops available for purchase.

All basketball hoops outdoor systems need to be installed in some way. There are three main options for installation, all of which have distinctive pros and cons. The easiest choice is a portable basketball system. These hoops are actually not installed but simply set up and weighed down. As the name suggests, a portable basketball system can be moved and stored with relative ease. However, a portable basketball system may not be as tall and will not withhold the same amount of force as other stationary hoops.

For those looking for a more permanent option, a wall mounted basketball hoop is another consideration. These hoops are installed on a wall, usually on the front of a garage or the side of a building. A wall mounted basketball system can endure extensive use and often has a longer lifespan than a portable hoop. However, these hoops may negatively impact the siding on a building, and they may also have limited use based on where they are mounted.

Another alternative is an in-ground basketball hoop. basketball legends These hoops offer more versatility, since they can be installed on a driveway, patio, or even on a basketball court. Many people appreciate the durability and longevity of such hoops. In-ground hoops are also somewhat more affordable than many wall mounted options. However, in-ground basketball hoops have extensive installation needs, and it is vital that they are well anchored.

While the method of installation is a huge factor when purchasing an outdoor basketball system, buyers must also consider the grade of the hoop. Residential hoops are designed for private homes, and are usually more affordable. A residential hoop will withstand normal wear and tear, but is not as strong as institutional grade hoops, which have stricter construction requirements. Though institutional hoops are generally higher quality, most homeowners will not need that much strength and durability.

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