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Product Funnel Creation – Uncover 4 Intermediate Steps to Advance with Product Funnel Creation

One of the best ways to convince your potential clients to purchase your high ticket products is through product funnel. What is a product funnel? This is a systematic approach that is currently being used by successful marketers in (1) building trust with their potential clients (2) offering series of products that contain different information for different prices.

Here are the 4 intermediate steps to advance with product funnel creation:

1. Pick a niche. Before your start with your product funnel marketing, you may want to do a market research first as you would need to target a niche that can afford your high end product. review of clickfunnels If you intend to sell your potential clients with $12,000 one-on-one coaching at the end of your funnel and they cannot possibly afford that, then your marketing strategy is doom to fail. What I’m saying is, pick a niche that can afford either your low-end or high-end offerings.

2. Have a middle-end product. Most marketers fail on this strategy because they tend to jump from one level of the funnel to the other. They offer low-end product, then high-end product without anything in between. As such, they fail to build up their more expensive product. If you were a customer who bought $15 ebook, you would think twice of buying a $12,000 teleseminar for your next purchase, correct?

3. Solicit feedback. When you fail to move your customers to the next level of your funnel, care to know why. Ask for feedback and recommendations as these can help you improve your products or perhaps your services for better sales and revenue.

4. Do follow-ups. This is crucial especially if you have reached the end of your funnel. Don’t be contented with email messages and call your potential clients to offer your high-end products. This will make them feel that you are truly interested in helping them out.

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