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Understand Your Destiny

Bazi is one of two systems of Chinese astrology borne of the Chinese’s fascination with the subject of destiny and their desire to understand man’s purpose in life and the path he has to take to fulfill this purpose. Through Ba Zi, a person can be better equipped to navigate his trek through life.

Thousands of years before “Self Help” books weighed down bookstore shelves, the ancient Chinese already devised ways to help man understand and improve himself and appreciate his uniqueness. A person’s Bazi, or Destiny Code, is a system the Chinese designed to help answer man’s questions about who he is, what his purpose is, and what he must do to get to his destination.

Bazi is short for “Sheng Chn Ba Z,” which translates to “The Eight Characters of Birth Time.” The Chinese phrase is also referred to as the study of the “Four Pillars of Life.” The shortened term, Bazi or “Four Pillars,” refers to the four pairs of characters that make up a sinh nam 1996 menh gi person’s birth time: year, month, day, and hour. The four pairs of characters, in turn, make up the eight characters referred to in the translation, “The Eight Characters of Birth Time.”

The eight characters also stand for variations of yin and yang in the Five Elements, namely: yin wood and yang wood; yin fire and yang fire; yin earth and yang earth; yin metal and yang metal; and yin water and yang water. Using the eight characters that make up an individual’s birth time, the elements that prevailed during the time of a person’s birth can be calculated and his Eight Character Bazi chart can be derived. This chart represents a person’s unique Destiny Code, akin to his genetic code but in a metaphysical context, and it provides complete information about an individual’s personality, potential, and destiny. Much like a person’s genetic code, his Eight Character Bazi chart encodes his characteristics, abilities, ordeals, wealth, successes, and other elements of his life.

A Bazi consultant uses the chart to ascertain an individual’s, luck cycle, potential, meaning, and favorable and unfavorable years, among many others. A Bazi consultant uses the chart the same way a geneticist uses the genetic code to find out a person’s many traits and susceptibility to diseases.

Analyzing and understanding the combination of these eight characters also help determine how a person can use and maximize his potential and success, help control emotions, and aid in decision making. Through Bazi, future events can also be calculated and a person can better prepare for them.

Bazi is often used with the practice of feng shui. Bazi and feng shui complement each other. Feng shui masters often use Bazi or another system of Destiny Analysis to aid them in their reading. In fact, understanding a person’s Bazi is an important component and prerequisite of any feng shui reading. Formulating and analyzing a person’s Bazi chart will help a feng shui master determine the particular elements in his life that need improvement, which ones can help maximize his potential, and which ones to eliminate. Feng shui, being a goal-oriented system, involves learning about a person’s specific goals and the obstacles that keep him from reaching those goals. When a person is uncertain about what is keeping him from his goal, his Destiny Code will be used by the feng shui master.

Bazi serves as a map of a person’s personality and life; fengh shui serves as a tool to help one overcome the obstacles along the way. If, for example, your Bazi indicates that you easily get mad and, as a result, you find it difficult to get along with others, a feng shui master will recommend that you wear a certain precious stone to counteract your tendencies towards anger. Once this problem is addressed, you can then focus on fulfilling your potential and goals.

It is important to remember, however, that while feng shui can help an individual manipulate his environment to maximize the benefits of qi that flows all around him towards the attainment of his goals, he must first have the apposite Destiny. In other words, feng shui can help you become a multi-billionaire, but only if becoming one is already encoded in your Destiny Chart and only if the good qi necessary to reach that goal is available for you to tap into.

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